Two words that can’t always be used to describe General Contractors:


Here’s a quick story…
I had to call a General Contractor to get some work done on my house.  Let’s just say there were a few holes in some walls that needed fixing.  I called a friend who mentioned they had used D. Ross construction for some fixes around the house.

I couldn’t have been more pleased with this company’s work.

Not only did the owner, Dino, come in and fix the original problem, but he also taught me a few things about how to properly hang pictures (heavy ones!) and how to fix this annoying thing with my toilet where it wouldn’t flush properly.

He didn’t even charge me for those extra fixes!  And I got a free lesson for how to fix things down the road!!  Where else would you get THAT level of service?!?!

And by the way, he fixed the original problem (drywall + paint) perfectly!  The walls look brand new.

I have since recommended Dino’s work to several friends who have all been pleased as well.

Sometimes it is hard to trust a General Contractor but with D. Ross Construction, you can rest assured knowing you will get an honest price and that the work will be of the highest quality!!

TRUST & QUALITY…. Thanks Dino for the great work!!